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2016-2017 - CSUEB - Co-Coordinator - New
June 2, 2016Co-Coordinator
June 13, 2016
June 17, 2016  

Volunteer Description

Position Description
Peer Health Exchange (PHE) is a non-profit organization that empowers young people with the knowledge, skills, and resources to make healthy decisions. We do this by training college students to teach a skills-based health curriculum in public high schools that lack health education.
PHE Co-Coordinators are volunteers. They will lead, train, and manage PHE volunteers to teach the PHE workshops in public high schools and they will teach PHE workshops.
Time Commitment
  • Six to eight hours per month in the summer prior to the main academic year to:
    • Receive training to become leaders of PHE at their college
  • Ten to twelve hours per week in the following academic year to:
  • Lead PHE at their college
  • Manage volunteer recruitment
  • Manage volunteer training during weekly Leadership Council Meetings and at the Health Educator Training Retreat
  • Manage volunteer teaching
  • Teach the PHE introduction and conclusion workshops
  • Five to ten additional hours per week during the fall recruitment period
PHE Co-Coordinators will:
  • Become leaders of PHE at their college in the summer of the current year
  • Develop leadership and management skills through weekly trainings with PHE Staff
  • Attend a weekend Co-Coordinator Training Retreat
  • Assist with Leadership Council training
  • Prepare for fall recruitment
    • Lead PHE at their college
  • Build and maintain volunteer morale
  • Communicate regularly with PHE Staff
  • Serve as a liaison between PHE Staff, PHE volunteers, and college administration
  • Receive direction and evaluation from PHE Staff
    • Manage volunteer recruitment in the fall of the upcoming year
      • Organize the application, interview, and selection process for volunteers in the fall
      • Identify and cultivate new leadership
    • Manage volunteer training during the upcoming academic year
  • Plan and lead weekly Leadership Council Meetings
  • Help PHE Staff plan and lead the Volunteer Orientation and Training Retreat
  • Train the Leadership Council to teach PHE introduction workshop
  • Evaluate volunteers’ teaching skills and workshop content knowledge
  • Observe one Workshop Group meeting, led by a Leadership Council Member, per week
  • Provide additional support, training, and supervision to Leadership Council Members as needed
    • Manage volunteer teaching during the upcoming academic year
  • Supervise volunteer attendance at trainings and workshops
  • Observe/classroom manage one workshop per week in high schools and provide feedback to other volunteers
    • Teach PHE workshops
  • Teach the PHE introduction and conclusion workshops
  • As a secondary responsibility, learn and teach one PHE topic workshop if desired by the Co-Coordinator and/or if needed by PHE
    • Make PHE an extracurricular priority
PHE is looking for someone who:
  • Is committed to the PHE mission
  • Has leadership experience training, managing, and motivating others
  • Has excellent public speaking and writing skills
  • Has excellent teaching skills
  • Is willing to further develop and improve all of the skills listed above
  • Will commit ten to twelve hours per week to make PHE their primary extracurricular activity
  • Is a full-time undergraduate student
PHE Co-Coordinators will:
  • Provide a needed service to public high school students who would not otherwise receive health education
  • Help build an effective, replicable model of health education
  • Develop valuable skills
  • Develop advanced leadership skills through hands-on experience running a volunteer program
  • Develop advanced management and training skills through one-on-one training with PHE Staff and hands-on experience managing and training volunteers to teach health workshops
  • Develop teaching skills, including facilitation and classroom management, through hands-on classroom experience
  • Develop interview and job skills, including public speaking and decision-making
  • Expand their career opportunities
  • Build their résumé by holding the primary student leadership role at their college chapter with a national non-profit organization
  • Receive recommendations and references for graduate school, internships, fellowships, awards, and jobs
  • Learn about job and internship opportunities
  • Learn about the public service, public health, and education sectors
  • Learn how a non-profit organization is organized and run
  • Have the opportunity to apply for jobs at PHE after graduation
    • Learn valuable health information and skills
  • Be an integral part of the campus community
  • Develop friendships with a diverse group of fellow students
  • Help build and lead a lasting campus organization
Contact: To apply to be a PHE Co-Coordinator, visit

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