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2016-2017 - CSUEB - Health Educator - New
October 19, 2201Health Educator
October 17, 2016
October 21, 2016  

Volunteer Description

Position Description
Peer Health Exchange (PHE) is a non-profit organization that gives teenagers the knowledge and skills they need to make healthy decisions. We do this by training college students to teach a skills-based health curriculum in public high schools that lack health education. 
PHE Health Educators (HEs) are volunteers. They learn to teach two of the PHE workshops, and they teach them in public high schools.

*PHE is also an accredited community service leaning site through CSUEB's center for community engagement. For more information, visit:
Time Commitment
  • Full academic year
  • Four to six hours per week to:
    • Must teach at least one workshop each week
    • Attend a Volunteer Orientation and Volunteer Training Retreat, attend one Workshop Group meeting each week throughout the year
    • Practice independently, as needed
PHE HEs will:
  • Learn PHE workshops and how to teach them effectively
    • Attend two mandatory Volunteer Training Retreats on: Saturday, October 29th 10am-1pm and Saturday, January 14th 10am-1pm
    • Attend mandatory weekly Workshop Group meetings led by a Leadership Council (LC) Member on campus
    • Incorporate direction and evaluation from their LC Member in order to develop and improve their teaching skills
    • Pass Teaching Skills Evaluations for workshops
      • Teach their PHE workshops
  • Teach their workshops in PHE partner high schools a minimum of once per week for the entire academic year
  • Support the PHE program through additional volunteer opportunities
    • Make PHE an extracurricular priority
PHE is looking for someone who:
  • Is committed to the PHE mission
  • Has excellent teaching skills
  • Is willing to develop and improve their teaching ability
  • Will commit four to six hours per week, including all mandatory meetings and teaching at least one workshop a week for the entire academic year
  • Is a full-time undergraduate student         
PHE HEs will:
  • Provide a needed service to public high school students who are not receiving health education
  • Become a member of Health Connect byway of volunteering
  • Earn community service learning hours through CSUEB's center for engagement
  • Help build an effective, replicable model of health education
  • Receive recommendations and references for graduate school, internships, fellowships, awards and jobs
  • Develop strong teaching skills
  • Gain first-hand classroom experience
  • Develop group facilitation skills
  • Develop classroom management skills
  • Develop valuable interview and job skills
  • Develop public speaking skills
  • Develop interpersonal skills
  • Learn valuable health information
  • Learn about career opportunities
  • Learn about the public service, public health and education sectors
  • Learn about job and internship opportunities
  • Have the opportunity to apply for jobs at PHE after graduation
  • Be an integral part of the campus community
  • Develop friendships with a diverse group of fellow students
  • Help build a lasting campus organization by recruiting friends and classmates
  • Have the opportunity to apply for leadership positions in PHE

For more info about PHE & to apply to be a PHE Health Educator, visit

For questions about joining PHE at CSUEB at 


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